When people ask me where I’m from or what it is I do, there’s no simple answer.

I’ve moved 17 times, speak five languages, and find myself drawn to new environments that push the boundaries of my experience. From my early work in communications and advertising, to  training with Fe Reichelt for two years and touring with the Panoptikum Movement Theater company, in Europe, to teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in dance and movement science for over twenty years at Temple University, University of the Arts, and Saint Michael's College, I have always explored the dynamics of movement, communication and creative process.

In other words, I’ve spent my entire life doing site specific work: reading the landscape and connecting the dots between place, experience, and culture.

My work is play and when I play I work, whether skiing the steep, paddling the surf, choreographing a performance, or collaborating with creative minds to explore the possibilities of environment, habit, and movement. In addition to my work as conceptual performance artist, I lead kinesthetic interaction workshops and teach movement and creative dance to people of all ages and in all environments:  From inner city kids, to graduate classes, from idea makers to idea sellers, from designers to environmentalists, from slow movers to fast thinkers.

I have a BS in Communications & Advertising, an MS in Physical Therapy, and an EdD in Dance Education. I am also a certified Alexander Technique teacher.  

I am perpetually exploring new movement forms, including  parkour, bouldering, mogul skiing, freestyle skiing, wake boarding, surfing, scootering. I’ve been paddle boarding since 2011, and I’ve ski toured in Antarctica, Iceland, Montana, and continue to explore Vermont.