Slow Zone

20140302-122225.jpg After a few days in the Whoa Zone it's tricky to regroup in the Slow Zone. It's a challenge to stay focused and energized. Your mind starts to wander and you might ask yourself why you are here in the first place unless you are completely exhausted and fall asleep- then it's the Low Zone instead of the Slow Zone. You need a little bit of sss to stay with it.

Post party let down is a bit of the same state.

Our body pumps adrenaline in waves. There is a cycle and rhythm to it - ideally. Since our body adapts to almost any situation it will also will pump as much adrenaline and as long as it is needed until it's completely depleted and then shuts down and then you are in the NO zone.

The Slow Zone allows you to recover, to turn down the adrenaline output, to calm down the nervous system and to allow your body and mind to integrate. During the Whoa Zone we are expanding, during the Slow Zone we integrate, percolate, digest and allow new learned experiences to take root. Following along in this process of integration is a meaningful way of hanging out of the Slow Zone and prepares you for the next Whoa Zone experience.